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How to solve “Your profile could not be opened correctly” issue in Chrome

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I worked for a company that uses Google Chrome as there default browser. The reason for this is because they migrated to Google Apps. One Monday morning [like always, it always has to be on Mondays], one of the users in the office came up to me saying that there Google Mail was not loading up in chrome. When I went to the user’s workstation I saw this dialog box:

The cause of this issue seems straightforward and I was assuming that some files were corrupted. I did notice that chrome.exe in the task manager did not want to go away, so I had to restart the machine to flush it out of the system.

I was able to finally solve the issue with the below method:

Removing Web Data file

It seems that Google Chrome has a file called “Web Data” which stores a lot of information in it – including your passwords and other important information. In my case this file was corrupted. I deleted this file and all worked well.

In Windows 7, the “Web Data” file is located in C:\Users\\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\ . Delete the file and restart Chrome. Hopefully everything should work
well. Of course, you will lose all your stored passwords and the search engines stored information. [make sure you tell the user that]

Another method I found online was to create a new profile with most of the data from old profile, these are the steps for that:

This method is very similar to the previous methods where instead of removing “Web Data”, it tries to create a new profile with most of the useful data from old profile copied in to it. The steps are :

  1. Rename the Default folder at C:\Users\\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\ [ I named it "Default.old" - when I tested it out]
  2. create a new folder with name “Default”
  3. copy the files/folders given below from original Default folder (currently named “Default.old”) to the new Default folder one by one . After each step, try opening Chrome to see if the error comes. If an error comes, then the latest object you copied caused the issue.
What’s important to copy if you don’t want to lose anything. I suggest copying over:

  • Preferences file
  • Bookmarks file
  • Extensions folder (contains all your extension’s source code)
  • Local Storage folder : copy only files beginning with “chrome-extension_” (other files are most likely not needed )
  • History* (all your history )
Keep me mind, that you will get a profile that is very close to the previous profile but it will not have the old stored passwords or the custom search engines you had.

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I was having this issue all day and I found this and it worked out for me. Great video too!

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